About Us

Somalia Wireless Network is a Hayaan Capital Group company, providing high speed broadband internet services across the city of Mogadishu. Since its launch in 2011, Somalia Wireless, through its path-breaking speeds and competitively priced tariffs, is today the largest and most contending ISP in Mogadishu. The main purpose of our service has always been to allow our value customers seamless internet access,Somalia wireless developed a sophisticated backend networking infrastructure,which allows us to cater large numbers of customer concurrently.


We provide connectivity infrastructure throughout Mogadishu and offers a range of innovative access technologies to provide business and consumers with high-quality, telecommunication solutions. If you are tired of the same old excuses from your ISP and support staff that do everything but provide support, you will find a breath of fresh air at Somalia Wireless. We invite to give us a call to help you with the appropriate solution for your internet needs: We have a range of dedicated (1:1) Internet Access solutions designed to offer your business reliable, high-speed connectivity

High Speed Internet Solutions

Somaliawireless offers you "FTTH"fiber to the home technology service to your home and business center through out mogadishu,which enable reliable and unlimited access to internet

Voice Over IP

if you need cheap calls to global,we will reduce expensive calls you make to global by providing clear calls through voip

IPTV for Both commercial and home

By using fiber to the home technology,you are able to stream uninterrupted TV channels through one cable.

Hosting Solutions

have alot of data?,can not manage it or there are security concerns,we have a solution for you.


what makes us different from other ISPs is that,we have dedicated network monitoring center to stay connected.

Quick Support

Somalia wireless is passionate about providing exceptional service and personalized support.in addition to 24x7 network monitoring,we have dedicated technical support staff to ensure that we meet or exceed customer’s expectations.

High Speed

its quick,fast internet as ever.

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